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Thank you also for the code — I plan on using this one on my blog. This is great. The graphics make it so much easier to read and remember. I just signed up to Pinterest today, pinned this post, and 2 hours later I have 9 repins. I have been known to correct news anchors on this.

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Yes, I yell at the TV during football games, too. So true!! My problem is when I type fast, I type phonetically. So homophones get all mixed up. When I write papers I have to go through with a fine-toothed comb just to pick up on those small mistakes. I wrote a somewhat similar post a few weeks back on my blog. Thank you! I see these errors all the time, and they make me crazy. Those for whom English is a second language get a bit of a break, but most of the perpetrators were born here. No excuses! If you make a comment about a news article or write a blog and want people to take you seriously, check your work.

I have to restrain myself from correcting people on Pinterest! This also drives me crazy! I agree. The colorful pics makes this worthy of framing and hanging on my wall. Now I am worried if my grammar was write…whoops…right. Great post: especially valuable for students, teachers and copywriters; but also for, actually, anybody interested in the English language.

Very sound principles.

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Very useful to read. Thanks for pointing out our follies. I stand corrected each and every time I make such mistakes, which is often. It is time for me to change my ways or join the swelling ranks of the unemployment line.

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  • It is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from those mistakes. Have a good one. I love this because it treats these grammar goofs in a fun way. I know a lot of people feel stress about writing and grammar rules, so an infographic like this really adds a scoop of sugar to the medicine. LOVED this article!

    It really bothers me when simple grammatical errors are made in articles, signs, ads, etc. Thank-you for the great little reminder lesson! This type of grammar was the stuff I learned back in elementary school. In spite of that, I agree that there should be no excuses. I am sending this to some friends that learnt English as a 2nd language plus I posted on FB since it could be used by maaaaaaaaaaaany people! One thing social media has done, is exposed just how poor we are in writing and grammar. I read some posts that are nearly illegible because of poor sentence construction.

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    • Great graphic. I will share this with my editing clients. My problem has always been affect or effect. Good one, Brian — all my pet peeves! Well, most of them. Good stuff! My favorites are the erroneous headlines you see on newspaper websites every day. I wonder if anyone who actually should implement the ideas above will read this, or will it only be us grammar and spelling geeks, for whom this stuff is obvious.

      To actually implement those concepts would require at least a little analytical ability. You have a point, Dave. I sometimes feel that way, too.

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      It seems that if these folks are surrounded by examples of others using words correctly, either print or spoken words they absorb it by osmosis and begin using the correct grammar automatically. The same thing happens when incorrect grammar including spelling is consistently used around them; they absorb that and it becomes automatic for them. I love this infographic and plan on sending it out to the students in my tutorials.

      Thanks again for the post! I literally have never looked at it that way. Yeah, i had to, but good point. I have a peeve about water heaters.

      15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly [Infographic]

      People continue to call them hot water heaters— why? A similar phrase is water hydrant. Can you have a hydrant that pumps something besides water? The phrase the fire department uses is fire hydrant. This redundancy can make reading laborious instead of fun. Some more that immediately come to mind are:. This article pissed him off.

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      Very humorous and also useful! Great post. I just shared this on my blog, twitter and facebook. So many of the mistakes in this infographic run rampant in social media and blogs. Text messaging and web grammar are ruining languages in my opinion. Interesting graphic. But there are also times when using the correct word gives others the impression the speaker is in error. But who winds up looking like the moron? Even the magnificently persnickety Paul Brians thinks we have to give up on this one, though. Lack of gender distinction with nouns makes English easier. I wonder how that word evolved.

      Sonia, you are correct that the original French word was fort meaning strongest point as in the blade of a sword. They originally spelled it with the Italian spelling of forte without the accent.

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      My response was a pun on the whole history. Can someone delete the first entry of my response on the moderator end? Good point! My mother the French teacher takes this to an extreme related to your thought — she insists on pronouncing every French item on a menu with correct French circa Then I lower the boom on them later.

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