GITMO: The Missile Crisis

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Historic Naval Base meets Suburban America

Mark Leary and his Cuban military counterpart. The fence-line meetings alternate between the American and Cuban sides. One month, the two commanders meet in a former Marine reaction force room on the base; the next, they meet in a building on the Cuban side of the line. They discuss issues such as security, the fence and communications, the Marine staff sergeant said.

It really is much more of a local and pragmatic relationship dealing with the base and the local area of eastern Cuba. Tensions were so high that shots were fired, though there were no gun battles. Over several years, troops on both sides of the fence competed for national pride. When Cubans raised their flag higher than the Stars and Stripes, Marines installed ever-higher flagpoles on the U. The Cubans ultimately won that face-off by moving their flag to the top of a distant ridge line on the Cuban side, an elevation the Marines could not achieve. John Bulkeley, the base commander in the s, devised a way to deal with that problem.

For 30 days, laborers worked in a tent erected on a hillside below the Marine building. A giant Marine Corps symbol painted on a massive concrete slab remains on the hillside. When the Cubans turned on their light on that 30th night, it spotlighted a super-sized eagle, globe and anchor. Anticipating the Cuban reaction, they had installed a light of their own that shines on the crest but not into their windows.

At night, the single light can be seen from high ground throughout the square-mile naval station. Tensions grew more serious in , when the U. He expected us to leave.

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To counter this, Bulkeley invited media to watch as the cast iron water pipe into the base was cut near the North East Gate. Cruiser captains had already received their orders about where to start firing.

Rudolph Anderson lost his life over Nipe Bay when a surface- to-air missile downed his aircraft. A memorial to him stands in Cleveland Park in Greenville, S. Though Anderson was the only hostile U. It was on its way to Cuba for reconnaissance. Caudle III remembered. One other 55th Wing RB accidentally crashed, on Nov. Also, on Oct.

Then the plane stalled and crashed. At least 15 Americans perished before the Crisis fully subsided. Once the last Soviet missiles were removed on Nov.

Life in Pre- and Post-Cold War Guantanamo Bay

The following day, six of these pilots would fly the first Operation Blue Moon mission over Cuba. In less than five hours, 2, civilians were pulled from their daily routine, informed of their departure and sent toward the American mainland. Americans watched the crisis unfold on their televisions. What they did not see were the ships full of refugees from the place that could deliver Armageddon.

Robert G. Brown, provided a history of the events.

10 Things You May Not Know About the Cuban Missile Crisis

Nine hundred forty were children under age 13, and of these were under age 2. Pregnant women and the infirm traveled in Marine transport aircraft. Mothers worked with crew members and other embarked passengers to keep the children occupied during their transit. For the teenagers, a record player was provided for entertainment. Rumors of war shivered through the ships. - Guantanamo Bay in U.S. control over years - January 10,

One high school senior named Dale Ward wrote a poem to express her anguish, pride and love for her boyfriend, a young sailor assigned to a naval construction battalion on the island. If they say he has to fight, Watch him please, from dawn till night.

Keep him through the dark night long, Give him hope and keep him strong. Father in Heaven, guard my SeaBee , And send him safely home to me. And after the last ship departed, Kennedy delivered an address announcing the quarantine of Cuba and the evacuation of all dependents from the island. It caught the Soviets by surprise and changed the calculus of the Cuban missile crisis. Without notice, the United States had removed the last obstacle precluding offensive action against Cuban and Russian targets on the island.

By the time the news reached the Kremlin, the evacuation was a fait accompli, and the Americans could attack much sooner than expected. Some came to stand just inside the perimeter minefields and see Communist land with their own eyes. Others came simply to entertain the troops on behalf of the U. Hubert H. Humphrey logged repeated visits to the base.

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GITMO: The Missile Crisis GITMO: The Missile Crisis
GITMO: The Missile Crisis GITMO: The Missile Crisis
GITMO: The Missile Crisis GITMO: The Missile Crisis
GITMO: The Missile Crisis GITMO: The Missile Crisis
GITMO: The Missile Crisis GITMO: The Missile Crisis
GITMO: The Missile Crisis GITMO: The Missile Crisis
GITMO: The Missile Crisis GITMO: The Missile Crisis

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