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The Dream 9 remain in detention, but to continue to fight against detention, deportation, and the division of families and communities, demonstrating the way forward for all of us.

Behind The Scenes of National Geographic's 'Border Wars' Documentary | KPBS

At a. Nine young adults who had lived for many years in the United States without authorization were preparing to cross through there from Mexico and petition for humanitarian parole.

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Their goal was to return home and reunite with their families. Now known as the Dream 9 , a few of them had left the United States of their own accord—either to pursue educational opportunities, seek medical treatment, or to join with others who had previously been deported after spending most of their lives living in the United States. Dream 9 march in Nogales, Sonora toward the U. Credit: Huffington Post.

As we protestors made our way toward the gate and across the railroad tracks, a freight train heading south came to a halt in the middle of the march. Discussion of whether the train was a strategic attempt to block the action immediately began as we talked about ways to get around the train, such as climbing under it or walking several blocks west to cross over it using a pedestrian bridge.

Those of us cut off from the rest of the group were not discouraged, however, nor were we left behind.

America’s border wars: three weeks in a land of trauma

In fact, the longer we stood on the corner, the more visible we became, displaying the way in which borders may shift and defer traffic, but not stop it. The pulse of the crowd grew stronger as we arrived at the Morley Gate, knowing that we were practically in direct contact with the Dream 9. The only thing separating us from them was the steel mesh divider of the Morley Gate itself, which separates the United States from Mexico. We also wanted our message of no more separations to carry through the gate loudly and clearly to the young people on the other side of the international divide.

Would this be a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people, many wondered, and a chance for millions of families to come out of the shadows and shake off the fear of being separated from their loved ones?

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Gang of Eight. Credit: www. With years of experience fighting the criminalization of migrant communities and the militarization of the southern border, Derechos Humanos knew better than to hold their breath for progressive reform to come out of the Obama Administration, which is responsible for over , deportations per year , the separation of thousands of families, and a highly restrictionist Congress.

The amendment promises to heighten the militarization of the border by doubling the number of Border Patrol agents, building new miles of double-layered fencing, and increasing the amount of drones and surveillance technology at a cost of about 48 billion dollars.

Although the bill is highly flawed, DREAMers and agricultural workers would benefit from its passing. Hi Lisa — and thank you for your highly interesting and not crazy :- dream. Unfortunately I have decided to no longer help out via these comments, as I simply get too many requests everyday, not only on this blogpost, but on all the other ones too, via e-mail etc.


Best regards — Michael. Hi my name is Cindy And i have a nephew who is 8 years old and he dreams about the war and fighting to in his sleep is there anything my sister can do Is it possible he could be holing back something He wakes up crying amd screaming. Hi Cindy, thank you for your dream! I am sorry to say that I have decided to no longer help out here on the website — I simply get too many requests every day — on this blogpost, and the many other blogposts.

You might ask; what is he fight for — in real life? Hi Realyn, and thank you for your comment. As I get many comments every day, I simply cannot keep up with answering all of them. That is also the reason why I have decided to no longer do interpretations for free.

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Well,i dreamt about a war and in the previous day i was denied to regester for my exams because i had failed to clear tuition,and promised to register in two days to come. Am not certain to whether i shall regester or not,thus it may be the relevance of my dream being at war! Could that one be true surely? Hi Mujuni, And thank you for your comment, Apologies for my late reply, but I receive many comments every day, and I simply cannot keep up with them.

That is also why I have decided to no longer do interpretations for free. I have had dreams of war specifically world wars 1 and 2 and and the screams of the wounded is the roar of falling artillery and the putrid vapors of the dead is the scalding poison of mustard gas ive also dreamed a large evil beast devouring the plains of Europe this has taken a toll on my mind of course can anyone explain this. Hi Axton, and thank for your comment and very interesting dream! Unfortunately I no longer have the opportunity to help out for free, as I get very many requests every day.

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Dreams Border Wars Dreams Border Wars
Dreams Border Wars Dreams Border Wars
Dreams Border Wars Dreams Border Wars
Dreams Border Wars Dreams Border Wars
Dreams Border Wars Dreams Border Wars
Dreams Border Wars Dreams Border Wars

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